Who We Are



Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee

We are a privately owned real estate investment and development firm, focusing on Affordable and Workforce Housing opportunities.

Elmington adds value through development, re-positioning, effective operations, creative capitalization, and a diverse array of strategic initiatives. We prioritize positive social impact and desire to support the wellbeing of our communities and residents.



As developers and investors in affordable, workforce, mixed-use, and mixed-income communities, Elmington has developed and acquired 14,000 apartments since 2010. We focus on sustainable design for vibrant neighborhoods.


Build it like you will own it. Elmington Construction is a full-service, residential, and commercial general contractor and construction management company. We partner with you and overcome any challenge throughout the construction process.


Elmington Property Management has an undisputed track record of hands-on property, asset and facilities management. We manage more than 35,000 apartment units in thirteen states with a focus on fostering healthy communities for our residents and neighbors.

company history

Company is Founded

Elmington is founded by Cary Rosenblum and Ben Brewer


First Project Breaks Ground

Crescent Bluff in Memphis, Tennessee starts construction


Hickory Lake Starts Construction

First acquisition rehab project of 322 unit development in Nashville, Tennessee


Two New Projects Start Construction in Memphis, TN

Crescent Bluff II and 2nd Street Flats are added to the Memphis, TN portfolio


First Project Outside of TN Starts Construction

The Carroll Building in Waterbury, Connecticut is our first development outside of Tennessee


Uptown Flats and Patterson Flats Start Construction in Memphis, TN

Uptown and Patterson Flats in Memphis, Tennessee


Development of 1,033 Units Begins

Five projects in Memphis and Nashville


Development of 452 Units Begins

Two projects in Nashville and Knoxville


Development of 1,227 Units Begins

Six projects in Nashville and Knoxville; first project in Charlotte, North Carolina


First Projects as General Contractors

Elmington Construction serves as General Contractor for two new construction developments in Knoxville, Tennessee


Development of 946 Units Begins

Four projects in Nashville, Memphis, and Charlotte


Development of 2,483 Units Begins

Eleven projects in Charlotte, Nashville, and Memphis; first projects in Austin, Texas


Development of 1,134 Units Begins

Six projects in Nashville, Charlotte, and Huntsville; first two projects in Alabama


Twenty new projects in the works


Core Competencies

Core Competencies


Drawing from our deep well of experience, we develop thoughtful communities to realize modern, efficient, and unique outcomes. We create affordable luxury through quality design.


We provide vast advantages to our partners and initiatives through a history of successfully navigating the complexities of both conventional and non-conventional financial solutions, including debt/equity, tax credits, public/private, and beyond.


Our ever-expanding footprint in the marketplace is a result of the intensive, research-backed approach we take to assessing and executing opportunities within our areas of expertise.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.
We act ethically

The uncompromising ethics embraced by our leaders and employees produce positive influence on decisions and behaviors that lead to sustainability as an organization and for our clients. It is the foundation of our success.

We protect the privacy of our partners

We believe the only person who should have control over your privacy is you. We take protecting the information of our partners and customers beyond what compliance requires of us through the education and implementation of the latest security trends and technology.

We protect our assets

Elmington is about you. As a multi-state developer, asset manager, and fiduciary to our partners and customers, our purpose has always been to continue finding new ways to grow and protect the assets that we, together, established.

We value each and every team member

A diverse team is indispensable to our creativity and success. It’s how we answer the biggest questions and solve the toughest problems. An inclusive, equitable environment is a key driver to our fluidity and overall success. It enables us to draw on unique experiences and expertise which bring out the best in each other for our partners and customers.

Our Strategy

We develop amenity rich, lifestyle-forward communities for investment sustainability.


We create long-term value through our commitment to:

Reducing Energy Consumption
Supporting the Wellbeing of the Community
Investing in Social Impact


Our philosophy is simple: People are the difference.